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1 a person who makes or repairs shoes [syn: shoemaker]
2 tall sweetened iced drink of wine or liquor with fruit
3 made of fruit with rich biscuit dough usually only on top of the fruit [syn: deep-dish pie]

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see cobblers



  1. A person who makes and repairs shoes.
  2. A kind of pie, usually filled with fruit, that lacks a base crust.
  3. A police officer, usually used in the plural form.
    Look out, it's the cobblers!.


kind of pie

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Cobbler may refer to:
In fish:
  • Cobbler (fish), Cnidoglanis macrocephalus, an eeltail catfish found along the coasts of Australia
  • South Australian cobbler, Gymnapistes marmoratus, often just called "cobbler" in Australia
  • Pompano, marine fishes in the Trachinotus genus and various other members of the Carangidae family and Perciforme order
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